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Intimate White® bleaching cream specific for your intimate areas

Intimate White is a gentle and whitening cream made for your intimate areas: it works quickly and effectively on the skin spots of the intimate parts, such as anus, groin, inner thighs, vagina and adjoining areas, genitals, penis, buttocks, nipples and armpits.

Intimate White makes your skin spots lighter due to the presence of the Ascorbyl Glucoside and l'Alpha-Arbutina, its active ingredientes.

Intimate White features:

  • a bleaching, lightening and protective cream with the ascorbyl Glucoside (from C vitamin);
  • a whitening cream with the Alpha-Arbutina ( from some plants like ursina grapes);
  • an antioxidant cream.

Infos & Products Ultimate guide to intimate bleaching

A trend of the Star

A trend of the Star

Intimate whitening: a fashion that comes from Hollywood!

If the lightening treatments were initially a practice reserved exclusively to the world of hardcore, today thanks to the attention of Hollywood stars, they have become a common practice.

What is meant by intimate bleaching?
The melanin, naturally produced by our body to darken the skin, can sometimes create unsightly hyperpigmented areas, commonly called spots, due to sun exposure, rubbing, use of medicines, allergic reactions or hormonal factors.

Dark spots and unsightly hyperpigmented rings are a cause of discomfort not only if they are in exposed areas such as face and hands, but also in intimate areas. For this reason, in recent years have been proposed aesthetic treatments and creams that eliminate this imperfection.

The most invasive treatments such as laser and peeling require the intervention of a specialist, they must only be performed in equipped facilities and have very high costs.

Creams, however, are definitely the preferred solution because they allow you to perform intimate whitening in the privacy of your home and have a very low cost.

Before starting a treatment it is important to ask yourself some questions:

  • What is a lightening treatment and how is it done?
  • Are there any contraindications?
  • Can I perform the treatment myself?

What is intimate bleaching?

A (also) cosmetic treatment

In medical terms the intimate whitening is a treatment through which the color of intimate parts such as anus, vulva, groin, buttocks, underarms and nipples is lightened. The process can be done in medical or SPA studios with techniques such as laser or peeling at very high prices or in the intimacy of your own home using specific cream preparations.

The softness of the areas to be treated today leads many people to prefer the use of creams that do not involve the formation of temporary skin lesions in sensitive and easily attacked parts by germs and bacteria.

At first the increasingly felt need for intimate bleaching of different areas of the skin tissue body led to the placing on the market of preparations with strong lightening power based mainly on hydroquinone. However, this active ingredient, as well as mercury and cortisone salts, can cause permanent and / or semi-permanent skin lesions, sometimes disfiguring because they are very aggressive on the skin.

For these reasons the new generation creams like Intimate White® are based on Vitamin C, arbutin and essential oils. Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants found in nature and helps improve the appearance of the skin. In addition to preventing the aging process by stimulating the production of collagen, Vitamin C has protective and bleaching properties that make it perfect for cosmetic cream treatments.

Alpha-Arbutin is an extract found in many plants, such as bearberry, which can act as an inhibitor in melanin formation processes. It's a precursor of the hydroquinone with which it shares the strong lightening power but not having the same side effects. Alpha-Arbutin is in fact one of the main components of lightening creams in cosmetics since it enhances the whitening action of Vitamin C.

Applied consistently and following the instructions on the package, Intimate White® whitening cream attenuates the discoloration, hydrates the skin and makes it soft and supple.

What is intimate bleaching?
Contraindications & Benefits

Contraindications & Benefits

Intimate whitening: are there any contraindications?

For work needs or for personal pleasure more and more people go to intimate bleaching. The desire to eliminate the dark pigmentation commonly called spots of some very delicate areas (anus, buttocks, vulva, scrotum, penis, groin, armpits, nipples) is so felt that in recent years specific creams have been formulated but they have important side effects .

The active ingredients contained, such as mercury salts, hydroquinone, cortisone can indeed cause permanent and / or semi-permanent cutaneous lesions, sometimes disfiguring (hypo and hypermelanosis) and, rarely, systemic diseases. For these reasons, the European Union through the EU Directive 76/768 / EEC has prohibited its use in cosmetic products for bleaching by limiting its use to specialists in galenic products.

In recent years, attention has shifted to the role that antioxidants can have in intimate bleaching to neutralize the action of free radicals that stimulate hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C and E, Alpha-lipoic acid and polyphenols are the basis of new formulations with great benefits for the skin.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature: it counteracts the action of free radicals, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and stimulates the formation of collagen, slowing down skin aging.

In the dosages contained in whitening creams is a safe substance, well tolerated and does not give allergies.

These products, however, even if of natural origin, however, are acids that must be well calibrated inside the cream to avoid creating inflammation and discomfort to the mucous membranes in the intimate areas. It is therefore important to choose products studied and the result of the experience of certified laboratories that guarantee the quality of the raw materials and the effectiveness of the formulation.

Intimate Whitening do it yourself

SPA or do-it-yourself remedies?

The question of going to a beauty center or using a do-it-yourself product is very common in those who choose the practice of intimate whitening.

The SPA that you choose must have all the guarantees of qualified personnel and cleaning of the premises. Furthermore, as the practices are performed by specialized personnel, the costs are very high. It must also be borne in mind that the areas treated concern the sphere of intimacy and not everyone may like to expose themselves.

So both for a matter of privacy, both for a budget issue, the choice of a intimate cream treatment done in the home can be very beneficial.

Nobody knows that you are performing this treatment and being able to order online you also have the security of the confidentiality of the purchase.

It's essential to choose the right product!

Comparing the products for the intimate whitening on the market we have created for you Intimate White®:

  • A product 100% MADE IN ITALY;
  • Formulation studied by LNage Srl, a clinical research laboratory in Rome;
  • Natural active ingredients without contraindications;
  • A cruelty-free product;
  • Delicate formulation suitable for intimate areas;
  • Anallergic and non-toxic.
Intimate Whitening do it yourself


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