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Congratulations for having decided to embark on a path towards whitening the intimate areas of your body with a whitening cream a path that will make your skin lighter, lighter and brighter.
Treatment of skin care issues should follow a holistic approach that does not require you to move away from your natural skin care regimen.

Clinical research has shown that there are totally natural active ingredients and / or of natural origin, not derived from chemical synthesis, from which it is possible to obtain a whitening cream that can be used without contraindications in bleaching intimate.

What is a bleaching cream for?

The bleaching of your intimate parts (anus, buttocks, inner thighs, vagina, nipples and breasts, genitals, penis, joints and armpits) is a very common aesthetic practice that can be achieved with a whitening cream in the intimacy of your home so discreet and without resorting to invasive tools such as laser or peeling.

What is meant by bleaching? This term refers to the process of clearing the darker pigmentation (containing melanin), ie the elimination of the areas of the skin characterized by the phenomenon that, in technical terms, is known as the skin hyperpigmentation. Clarifying the skin serves to make it brighter, clearer and with a more uniform color.

How to recognize the quality of a bleaching cream?

The intimate bleaching procedure involves the application of a whitening cream in the intimate areas indicated above. Many of the cosmetic creams used in the practice of intimate whitening of the skin contain aggressive chemical components. The bleaching practice, if carried out with chemical preparations, is forbidden in some countries due to the aggressive principles of products based on substances such as Hydroquinone, Mercury or cortisone, substances very dangerous for the man. ;
These active ingredients can in fact cause permanent and / or semi-permanent cutaneous lesions, sometimes disfiguring (hypo and hypermelanosis) and, rarely, systemic diseases.

The benefits of a natural cosmetic cream

In recent years clinical research has shown that there are totally natural active ingredients and / or of natural origin, not derived from chemical synthesis, which can be used without contraindications in the practice of intimate whitening in the form of cream whitening. The focus has shifted to the role that antioxidants can have in intimate bleaching to neutralize the action of free radicals that stimulate hyperpigmentation. Vitamin C and E, Alpha-lipoic acid and polyphenols are the basis of new formulations with great benefits for the skin.
Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature: it counteracts the action of free radicals, is an excellent anti-inflammatory and stimulates the formation of collagen, slowing down skin aging.
These products, however, even if of natural origin, however, are acids that must be well calibrated within the whitening cream, to avoid creating inflammation and discomfort to the mucous membranes in the intimate areas.
In the dosages contained in whitening creams is a safe substance, well tolerated and that does not give rise to side effects and allergies.
It is therefore important to choose carefully studied products, the result of the experience of certified laboratories and that guarantee the quality of the raw materials and the effectiveness of the formulation.
A very frequent question in people who approach the practice of whitening is if go to a beauty center or use a DIY product.
We tried to answer this question using the results of clinical research and comparing the products for intimate whitening on the market.
Just taking this data into account we have made it for you Intimate White®, convinced that even a DIY product, if produced with professionalism and competence, can be fully effective:

  • Product 100% MADE IN ITALY;
  • Formulation studied by LNage Srl a clinical research laboratory in Roma;
  • Natural active ingredients without contraindications;
  • Cruelty-free;
  • Delicate formulation, suitable for intimate areas of the body;
  • Anallergic and non-toxic.

Using a DIY product for anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching is, therefore, a practice that has no contraindications: however, it is of fundamental importance to know what we apply to our skin and, therefore, choose the right whitening cream!