Guaranteed Quality

Buy securely with the certainty of being always protected: ours is a guaranteed quality product and even after purchase and shipment we continue to take care of your well-being and your beauty, in full respect of your consumer rights.

Intimate White® is a 100% Made in Italy lightening cream. This is why we want our customer to be protected, even after purchase.

The legal guarantees of conformity provided for in Articles 128, 129 and 130 of the Consumer Code apply to the sale of the Products. The consumer, precisely by virtue of this guaranteed quality, has the right, at his choice and on condition that the type of product allows, to restore, without charge, the conformity of the Product by repair or replacement, or an appropriate reduction in price or of the termination of the contract.

Guaranteed quality Our commitment to a quality product

In case of lack of conformity of the Products sold, under penalty of forfeiture of this warranty, the Consumer has the burden of reporting any defects and non-compliance in a timely manner, or within and no later than 14 (fourteen) days from discovery - being Products that by their nature are perishable or subject to expiry in a shorter term - sending by e-mail to the appropriate form correctly filled out [Return Form], with indication of the defect and / or of the non-conformity found (for example: breakage of the jar during transport, unopened packaging, etc.), as well as the relative documentation indicated in the return form (at least 1 (one) photo of the Product, the confirmation of order transmitted by the Seller and / or the fiscal receipt).

Intimate White® also provides that the Consumer / Purchaser will be entitled to withdrawal only if the Intimate White lightening cream has not been opened or only if the warranty seal on the jar (if present) is not broken.
The packaging (paper packaging) can be opened but the jar can not be opened, thus going to contaminate the cream itself, as per reference to Article 8.1 of the Conditions of Sale - "Sealed products that are not suitable to be returned for hygienic reasons or related to health protection or which have been opened after delivery ".
This specification is necessary precisely because the guaranteed quality of our products can be checked and constantly monitored in an after-sales phase, following the withdrawal of the customer.