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From clinical research, a perfect skin
Formulation with natural ingredients

Lightening, silky and regenerating cream for intimate parts 100% MADE IN ITALY

Intimate White® is a gentle intimate bleaching cream, specially designed to intervene quickly and effectively on the skin spots of intimate parts, such as anus, buttocks, inner thighs, vagina, nipples, genitals, penis, joints and armpits.

It acts on the spots of the skin through the lightening action enhanced by the regenerating effect of its active ingredients: Ascorbyl Glucoside and Alpha-Arbutin.

Main features of Intimate White®:

  • bleaching cream with an illuminating and protective action, thanks to the properties of Ascorbyl Glucoside, a derivative of Vitamin C;
  • an inhibitory action in melanin formation processes thanks to Alpha-Arbutin, an extract found in many plants, such as bearberry;
  • antioxidant and regenerating action thanks to components that increase the production of collagen on the skin.

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Our lightening cream is the number one choice for those who need to blench the skin in sensitive areas such as anus, buttocks, genitals, penis, vulva, groin, nipples, breasts or armpits. Using a powerful combination of natural plant extracts, this cream lightens the hyperpigmented areas.

Concrete results are visible after four weeks of treatment; for the clearest skin, just two weeks will suffice. Intimate White® is one of the fastest and most effective natural lightening agents currently available on the market.

Our whitening cream has been formulated without the addition of perfumes or chemical essences, so as not to give allergies and / or redness in the part involved in the treatment.

Intimate White® bleaching cream is:

  • Safe for all skin types;
  • Hydroquinone free! DOES NOT contain any toxic chemicals, perfumes or parabens;
  • It is made with natural ingredients;
  • Cruelty-free: Intimate White® is not tested on animals;
  • lightening cream made 100% in Italy in a facility with Italian AIFA / EMA-EU license;

The end result will be lasting, with a healthy, clear and visibly radiant skin.

What is Intimate White® bleaching cream?

Intimate White® is a delicate cream, specially designed to intervene quickly and effectively on the skin spots of intimate parts. It acts on the spots of the skin through a lightening action enhanced by the regenerating effect of its active ingredients: Ascorbyl Glucoside and Alpha-Arbutin.

  • Ascorbyl Glucoside is a derivative of vitamin C with lightening, protective and protective properties. It also has antioxidant and regenerating properties as it increases the production of collagen on the skin;
  • Alpha-Arbutin is an extract found in many plants such as bearberry, which acts as an inhibitor in melanin formation processes.

Many skin bleaching products use chemicals like hydroquinone, which can cause irritation, burning or even skin damage. It is important, to solve the problems of skin coloring, to use a natural product so as not to cause further damage or scars from harmful substances.

On the contrary, we use natural ingredients from plant extracts and natural oils and is also completely free of aggressive chemicals, parabens and perfumes.

The advantage of using a lightening cream formulated with natural elements and expressly balanced for intimate areas compared to natural treatments is time. In fact, using only natural remedies, the time required for a real whitening is very long: natural remedies take time to act and produce tangible results.
Men and women can use our cosmetic product to lighten dark or discolored skin in intimate areas such as anus, buttocks, inner thighs, vaginal skin, nipples, genitals, penis, joints and armpits, caused by:

  • age spots;
  • hyperpigmentation;
  • thickened and darkened skin due to burns, piercing, surgery or acne;

How does Intimate White® bleaching cream work?

Our skin changes color naturally over time and both men and women can develop brown or purple skin spots in their intimate areas due to friction, rubbing, aging, skin damage or hygiene.

The Intimate White® bleaching cream, thanks to its active ingredients, reduces the development of melanin in your skin. Melanin is the dark pigment at the origin of browning of the skin. However, in the presence of Vitamin C, melanin “forms” however, even if in a reduced form (reduced in the chemical sense, that is, following an oxidation-reduction reaction) which, unlike the oxidized form, is light in color. Then the melanin that will form during the use of the Intimate White® lightening cream will be gradually clearer.

Our cosmetic whitening cream fights external hyperpigmentation thanks to Ascorbyl-glucoside, a precursor of vitamin C able to interfere with melanogenesis inducing melanin discoloration.

What are the methods of use of the product?

To obtain the best result, it’s recommended to use the lightening cream twice a day, morning and evening. Intimate White® should be applied directly on the area to be lightened, on clean and dry skin. This treatment is quickly absorbed by the epidermis without leaving residues. This implies that you can apply our product and then dress without fear of staining your clothing.

How long does it take to wait before getting results?

Using Intimate White® regularly and evenly in the areas to be treated, for at least four (4) weeks *, your body, your skin, in a completely natural way and without you noticing it, will eliminate the old skin cells containing melanin thanks to the lightening action exerted by ascorbyl-glucoside.
Our lightening cream will make the skin lighter, velvety and luminous.
* Results may vary from person to person. An incorrect use of the product does not guarantee reliable results.

Is the Intimate White® bleaching cream suitable for intimate whitening, such as anal, vaginal or penis?

Absolutely yes. In fact, with age, the skin of the genitals, of the vagina and of the anus tend to darken. Intimate White® is suitable for all skin types and can be used to lighten even the most sensitive and delicate areas, including the skin around the anal orifice, vagina and adjoining areas of the penis and genitals.

Thanks to our lightening cream you can perform anal, vaginal or genital bleaching in the comfort and privacy of your home and return to having the skin of the intimate part of light color, after only a few days of treatment *.
* Results may vary from person to person. An incorrect use of the product does not guarantee reliable results.

Can the product cause side effects?

Absolutely not. Our cosmetic product has no side effects because it contains only ingredients chosen specifically for the treatment of delicate and intimate areas because its mixture of active components is hypoallergenic and does not irritate the skin. It also does not contain alcohol, perfumes, tinctures or parabens.

Note: Intimate White® lightening cream is not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

However, we recommend carrying out a test with a small amount of cream on a limited portion of skin, to ensure that you do not find any allergies to the product or its ingredients.

How can I purchase my package in total privacy?

Buying the Intimate White® bleaching cream is simple, fast and above all very discreet.
Just click on the “Add to Chart” button and you will be directly directed to the cart page. If you order today, the product will arrive in 24/48 hours by express courier.
We care about your discretion and for this reason the package will be anonymous: so we will not report the name of the site or the name of the product you purchased.

For any information please contact us at the email address or using the contact form.

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