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If the skin whitening lightening treatments were initially a practice reserved exclusively for the world of hardcore and striptease today, thanks to the attention of Hollywood stars, they have become a common practice. Dark spots and unsightly hyperpigmented rings are a cause of discomfort not only if they are in exposed areas, such as face and hands, but also in intimate areas. For this reason, in recent years have been proposed aesthetic treatments and creams that eliminate this imperfection.

In the past, the chemical peel has also been used, a classic dermatological surgery that, while giving good results, can, according to expert opinion, be painful and cause allergic skin reactions. Furthermore, using aggressive and potentially toxic chemicals, this practice has now been abandoned by the professional world of beauty institutes or aesthetic medicine Centers.

Today there are laser treatments and micropeeling that reduce these types of stains but it is essential to remember that, after having carried out this type of treatment, it is important to give the skin a lot of care. Hydration, already essential for the wellbeing of the skin, becomes even more important after having undergone similar treatments. The most invasive treatments to whiten the skin, such as laser and peeling, require the intervention of a specialist, they must only be performed in equipped facilities and have very high costs.

Bleach skin in beauty center

To bleach the skin there are several LASER systems used:

  • Q-Switched-Erbium-CO2;
  • IPL (Intense Pulsed Lights);
  • RF (Radiofrequencies);
  • Fractional technologies;

The prices of individual laser treatments and of aesthetic medicine depend on the following factors:

  • entity of the imperfection;
  • possible presence of anesthesiologist;
  • possible presence of the plastic surgeon’s collaborators;
  • possibility of performing several treatments of different nature in one session;
  • quality and quantity of the materials used;
  • equipments;

Whitening the skin through the laser requires several sessions (at a cost of about 200 euros each) and burn imperfections and can be slightly painful. The patient should wear appropriate goggles specific to the specific wavelength of the laser used. The affected area must be prepared by treating it with cold air and / or cold compresses, then the doctor proceeds with the procedure by directing the laser beam on the surface to be treated. Moreover, immediately after the session of laser therapy, the popcorn effect occurs, ie the treated area appears red and edematous and a dressing with emollient cream with or without antibiotic should be performed.

The hydroelectrophoresis, absolutely painless, is performed with a machine that succeeds in penetrating deeply, and without needles, some active lightening ingredients. Also in this case several sessions may be necessary (the cost is about 100 euros).

The laser requires several sessions (at the cost of about 200 euros each) to burn imperfections and can be slightly painful. The hydroelectrophoresis, absolutely painless, is performed with a machine that succeeds in penetrating in depth, and without needles, some lightening principles. Also in this case several sessions may be necessary (cost around 100 euros). From this it is easy to understand how the costs of laser treatment or hydroelectrophoresis can be really high.

It is important to remember that these areas are intimate and therefore very delicate and that all these treatments, if performed with little attention or in the wrong way or with non-sterile instruments, can cause disorders, such as infections and herpes.

Creams, however, are definitely the preferred solution because they allow you to whiten the skin in the privacy of your home and have a very low cost.

Intimate White® has a cost of 27 euros per pack while the seats in a specialized beauty center costs from 500 euros up!

Intimate Bleaching: a new solution for your Beauty Institute.

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