100% Made in Italy

Now that you know the various solutions on the market to lighten your skin, it’s time to ask yourself what the real whitening cost with Intimate White is. In addition to this, fundamental aspect, there are other important factors that you must consider, so we thought to tell you 7 good reasons to lighten your skin with our lightening cream for the private parts: anal bleaching and vaginal bleaching in addition to become a practice free of unwanted side effects, it will become a simple and pleasant practice, which you can carry out in total privacy and directly to your home, without annoying appointments by the beautician or expensive sessions of cosmetic surgery.

Reflect on the comfort that the choice of a lightening cream to be applied twice a day with maximum practicality offers you; reflect, especially on the cost of bleaching and discover why, among the many solutions on the market, Intimate White is the best one.

1) Bleaching cost: we guarantee you the best price

If we consider the cost whitening with cosmetic creams we guarantee the best price for a 100% Made in Italy product.
With us, savings are associated with quality! We protect our customers because the Intimate White® whitening cream is one of the best lightening creams on the market today, not only Italian, offered to the public at an unbeatable price! Formulated, designed, tested and produced by Italian pharmaceutical companies in Italian laboratories: 100% Made in Italy.


2) Natural formulation product

Intimate White® is a delicate cream, specially designed to intervene quickly and effectively on the skin spots of the intimate parts, such as anus, groin, vagina, buttocks, nipples, breasts and armpits. It is formulated using natural components: rich in Vitamin C and essential oils and is made without the addition of perfumes or chemical essences.

The Intimate White® bleaching cream, thanks to its active ingredients, prevents the development of melanin in your skin. Using Intimate White® regularly and evenly in the areas to be treated, for at least 4 weeks, your body and your skin, in a totally natural way and without you noticing it, will remove the old skin cells and replace them with new epithelial cells. that will have less melanin and therefore a lighter color.
Intimate White® promotes cellular turnover for a lighter, velvety and luminous skin.

NB: Results may vary from person to person. An incorrect use of the product does not guarantee reliable results.


3) Suitable for all skin types

Intimate White® can be used by men and women of all ethnic groups, by people who have different skin types and pigmentation. Regardless of the specificity of the skin tissue on which it is applied, the absorption of the cream will be rapid, without leaving residues.


4) Save on whitening cost: with free shipping

For orders over € 45.00 shipping is free for both Italy and Europe: in this way, in addition to saving on the cost of whitening, you can be able to get, directly to your home, a stock of Intimate packages White, sufficient for the entire four-week treatment.
For orders of less than € 45.00 we require a small fee of € 5.00.


5) Shipping with anonymous package

Intimate White® will be sent to you within 12 / 24h from the time of purchase. The package will be anonymous and will not be identifiable by either express courier or other persons. The package will not include the contents of the package or the name of the site from which you purchased. Speed and discretion in delivery are our favorite rules to maintain an exclusive relationship with each customer.


6) Savings packages

Buy more products together and get a further reduction on the cost of bleaching and the products needed for it, saving up to 50%! We have different types of coupons and other forms of discounts for the first purchase, for purchases in quantity, for subscribing to the newsletter, for those who introduce us to a friend.

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7) We support Made in Italy

We pay attention and enhance the MADE IN ITALY products. Because? We firmly believe that even in clinical research and in the cosmetic sector Italian products stand out for quality and excellence, for this reason, for the formulation and realization of Intimate White®, we have chosen to address them to a company active for decades in the field of clinical research, whose skills and abilities are recognized and appreciated both nationally and internationally.

For this reason we offer discounts on the cost of bleaching and on the products necessary for it to Italian companies and beauty institutes that will choose our products: companies that support the national economy and who use national products in their entrepreneurial activities guarantee, even in the clinical and cosmetic research sector, reliability, quality and safety.